B2B Lead Generation

The old-fashioned lead generation techniques are long gone and the digital revolution has ripped apart the B2B rulebook.

One thing that is the same is the end goal, conversions. With any B2B lead generation strategy, the bottom line is always the conversions.

What do you need for conversions? Leads. In this Digital Age acquiring leads isn’t simple, the key to lead generation is a consistent marketing strategy, the right communications at the right time and the nurturing of industry relationships. Successful B2B lead generation relies on a combination of activities and behaviours all coming together in unison.

B2B Lead Generation

ExtraDigital's Approach

To reap the benefits of B2B Lead Generation it’s important to build solid foundations. With these in place, you will be able to capture and convert a large percentage of leads from your campaigns.

Far too often we hear horror stories, where B2B marketers have been highly successful at generating traffic but unable to produce a positive Conversion Rate. What they failed to identify is that the traffic was not the issue, it was the marketing funnel that was at fault. This is a recipe for disaster, leading to high costs and poor results.

We have over 20 years experience of producing highly successful B2B marketing campaigns, where the marketing funnel is highly considered and continually adjusted and tested to ensure the best performance. We take these steps to ensure a positive CPA (Cost per Acquisition) for our clients and provide them with an evergreen B2B marketing strategy that will continue to produce results.

Perfecting the Marketing Funnel

At ExtraDigital we know the usual suspects in a poor performing marketing strategy are forms and landing pages. These two crucial elements of any marketing strategy are often overlooked. Landing Pages and Forms, in particular, can have a huge impact on the success of a campaign, the conversion and overall lead generation results.

Improving the marketing funnel can be a tricky process, as it requires diligent modification and concise optimisation to iron out the creases and increase potential. You can rely on ExtraDigital to take away the guesswork and quickly highlight the flaws in your marketing funnel. Alternatively, we can tailor innovative campaigns using fresh ideas and some forward thinking to revolutionise your B2B lead generation strategy.

Once the marketing funnel is refined, then it's time to turn your attention to traffic. Our team can help there too!

B2B Marketing Strategies

At ExtraDigital we implement tried & tested strategies and add a little creative thinking to produce game-changing results. Over the years we have seen different trends and techniques come and go, however, these cornerstone strategies have been omnipresent throughout.

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Email Marketing

The key marketing channel that has continued to produce fantastic results when implemented correctly. This is a B2B marketer's ‘go to’ when formulating a lead generation strategy.

Connect with the right content at the right time

Content Marketing

A leading light in any lead generation strategy. Content Marketing enables you to demonstrate your knowledge, engage new audiences and build brand recognition. This is more an exercise to raise awareness than to directly sell, ensuring your communication is right for the audience and their stage of interaction with your business.

Build recognition and establish authority

Search Marketing

Considered the most valuable ‘long-term’ strategy for the B2B lead generation. While the face of SEO has changed over the past few years, it still provides a great opportunity to boost revenue. Again, the key here is the foundation, ensuring a strong building block for other activities (Conversion Rate Optimisation, Content Marketing, Social Media) to springboard from.

Start Ranking in the right Verticals

Social Media

Social Media can sometimes be seen as a complete loss leader for B2B Companies, and yes in some cases it can be. However, if your social strategy can be adapted, allowed to relax, slacken the tie and unbutton that top one, then there is an audience waiting. Choose the right platform and once you engage your target audience it can be a platform to generate and nurture fresh leads.

Connect on Social Media

What to do next?

B2B lead generation is hard work, trust us, we have been there! So, if you’re disappointed by the results of your current B2B lead gen efforts, then it’s time to try a fresh approach. ExtraDigital has a proven track record in creating highly effective strategies that will empower your business.

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