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B2B (Business to Business) Marketing follows similar principles to consumer marketing or B2C (Business to Customer) as it's also known.

However, there is a difference, which usually comes down to cost. The B2B market involves a more considered purchasing cycle and longer sales process. Products and Services in a B2B marketplace can amount to a significant investment for the purchasing business. Business buyers will need a lot of convincing to part with their budget, which they need to ensure is spent wisely.

Things to note about B2B products

  • B2B products or services may require significant investment.
  • B2B products or services are often more complex.
  • The evaluation and sales process can be much longer.
  • There may be a longer purchase cycle, as in many cases approval is needed.
B2B Marketing

In B2B Marketing the lead is crucial, and nurturing that lead through a progressive sales funnel is vital to ensure conversion. Before the innovation of the internet, much of B2B marketing was done on the golf course, schmoozing clients or through cold calling targeted accounts. A salesperson would have the incentive of a commission to ensure they learnt about the target business, developed a trusting relationship with the client and were on hand when they were required, providing the right information at the right time.

B2B marketing has now evolved. Ensuring your marketing function flows naturally through to sales is essential. Some might say it's more important that the sales process itself.

As a team of highly experienced Digital Marketers, we are adept at generating new leads, qualifying those leads and building a rapport with the leads before handing them over to sales staff. Only then will a salesperson meet the prospect and close the sale.

Our Approach to B2B Marketing

Search Marketing

"71% of B2B Marketers start their research with a generic search." (Google, 2015)

At ExtraDigital our highly successful search marketing for B2B is based on sound marketing principles that have been the basis of sound business for many years. Not on short-term ‘SEO tactics’.

Successful search marketing for B2B is about attracting the right visitors, (relevant ones), and converting these into leads. The role of a B2B website is not to sell but to generate good quality leads and enrol them into a progressive marketing funnel, that offers the answers and content they are looking for at exactly the right time.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders. (Demand Gen Report, 2016)

We all know 'Content is King'. However, at ExtraDigital we understand that to be King our content needs to be better than anything else available. It needs to be highly relevant to your target audience while being curated for a specific stage of activity within a progressive sales funnel.

In a highly competitive B2B Marketplace it's crucial for your business to stand out. We help you elevate your content offering to the next level, establishing your brand as an industry leader that provides its followers with valuable insights and helpful advice. This leads to improve brand recognition, increased followers and imperatively highly qualified leads.

Discover how Content Marketing can work for your Business

Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Approach

Putting your expertise and knowledge on centre stage, we generate compelling content that is highly attractive to your target audience, helping to start them on our tailored journey from stranger to a happy client. As a Hubspot Partner Agency, we have all the resources to help you along your way, curating tailored content offerings for each stage of the Inbound Methodology. Thus, transforming potential leads into loyal customers and brand ambassadors.


Create industry-specific content that will resonate with your target audience.


Offer value to potential clients, incentivise engagement and start the journey.


Utilise specific workflows to nurture a client's journey and lead potential.


Transform leads into brand ambassadors by delighting them with continued results.

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