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American Marketing

Looking for an agency with proven expertise in American Marketing?

The US is a big place, with different cultures, trends, and preferences across the states. Doing business in such a place requires a scientific approach with everything being quantified and tested. With our in-house American team, we have the experience to help you plan and launch marketing strategies to reach and connect with your potential audiences overseas.

Examples of our work include:

  • American SEO and inbound content for lifestyle brand
  • American PPC management for a DevOps software company
  • American social media management for global automotive parts manufacturer

What makes our American marketing so successful?

  • We have in-house American speakers
  • We understand the culture – marketing is more than just translation; it is also about understanding the different values of people in other countries.
  • We understand the different ways American-English audiences search compared to British-English audiences.

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SEO in America

Want to be top of Organic Search?

Being at the very top of the search results provides the lowest cost leads or sales. This is possible with effective SEO work.

While there are many similarities between American- and British-English, there are still some major differences to consider. Our in-house American team takes this into account making sure our clients have the right content and tone to resonate with the different US audiences.

ExtraDigital have successfully gained top ranking keyword positions for many SEO clients across markets such as healthcare, finance, eCommerce and tourism.

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Leads and Sales in America from PPC

PPC is the fastest way to get new leads and sales.

ExtraDigital are qualified Google Premier Partners with extensive expertise in managing American-English PPC campaigns. We have American marketing staff in-house, so you know you’ll get it right.

Our PPC management includes:

  • Market and keyword research
  • Landing page analysis
  • AdWords campaign setup
  • Bid management for top performance

ExtraDigital guarantee an effective, ROI-driven PPC campaign.

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Our American Clients

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American Social Media Marketing

There is no denying that Americans love social media.

So Social Media Marketing must be an important part of your marketing strategy if you plan to be successful in the US.

ExtraDigital have provided successful American social media marketing management including content creation and paid social.

We can help you with:

  • Facebook marketing – posts & advertising
  • Instagram marketing – posts, stories & adverts
  • Twitter – posts and promotions
  • YouTube – optimisation and promotion

A key to our success with American social media is understanding the customer, ensuring posts are interesting and encourage engagement (likes, follows, sharing, commenting) and measuring the success of the social marketing work. Our American staff have the resources to build meaningful connections with influencers who can help promote your brand to the right audience.

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American Design & Development

ExtraDigital have over 15 years of experience working in the American market designing and building fantastic looking websites that resonate well with an American audience.

Having lived all over the US – our American staff is able to consider different cultural trends from all corners of the country. We are fully aware of the complexities and cultural factors that need to be considered when designing for the American market. Our talented devs have the technical expertise to transform our designs into sites that are a pleasure to use and have a key focus on UX (User Experience).

With in-house American staff, checking and testing is a breeze. Our knowledgeable team are on hand at all points of design and development to cast a knowing eye over our work, suggesting improvements and changes that will further help engage with your target audience.

Our designers and developers are highly creative and have the proficiency to bring even the wildest ideas to life.

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