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Ready to upgrade your brand with a human touch? Give your brand a face with Social Media Marketing. Be present online for your users, grow your brand awareness, and nurture your leads.

ExtraDigital provide a range of social media marketing services and are experienced in tailoring each to meet the precise needs of our clients. No face is the same, and we strongly believe no brand should be treated so either.

What can you achieve with Social Media Marketing?

  • Build a community around your brand
  • Engage and communicate with your buyers
  • Provide customer support
  • Showcase your brand voice, values, and culture
  • Provide educational content about your brand
  • Boost sales, generate & nurture leads

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Social Media Agency

Social Media Management

ExtraDigital offers tailored social media management in order to get the right mix for your business and audiences.

We are happy to take control of the reigns and steer you in the right direction with full management or provide routine consultation on best practices and fresh techniques to add to your social mix.

Our range of cost-effective plans has a clear focus on your business aims to ensure social media management provides a positive ROI. Put your business at the forefront of the social space, and outshine your competitors.

Let ExtraDigital connect you with your audiences on Social Media

Paid Social

Organic reach is shrinking (just 2%). Support your organic social posts with a strategic paid social strategy.

We're big believers in Journey Based Advertising, so when we create social media advertising strategies, we ensure they consider your buyers' journey and are fully integrated with your wider marketing strategy.

Paid social can be included in a social media management retainer; alternatively, we can manage this on a campaign basis when it's required. Either way, the addition of paid social will help extend the reach of your content and grab the attention of a wider audience of potential customers.

Start reaching new audiences today with Paid Social

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Content Creation

Social media content creation requires a careful approach to ensure all of your content is on-brand and most importantly, engaging!

Time and time again we hear companies saying, we have nothing to post about. That's where ExtraDigital comes in to help with ideation, creation and execution of compelling content tailored to your audience personas.

From the imagery you post to the captions that go with it, ExtraDigital have the experts on hand to curate eye-catching content.

Captivate your audience with remarkable content

Live Event Social

Social Media is a fast-paced environment, and when it comes to events if you're not giving live updates, then you're missing a trick.

Like ExtraDigital, many marketing agencies help clients in the run-up to events or exhibitions, but we do not stop there. If you have a high-profile or important essential event, we are here to broadcast it live on all your social accounts, in addition to promoting it on social media before the event.

Boost engagement with live updates that make your audience feel involved, start conversations and drive engagement, not to mention boosting your following.

Go live with ExtraDigital in 3... 2... 1...

International Social Media

The internet reaches all corners of the world, so why aren't you?

Whether you're already in the global market or have dreams of expanding your product/service into other countries, social media is the perfect tool.

Crossing borders on social is not something you should take lightly. Culture and language, amongst others, are critical to get right; if you don't get them right, you might not resonate with your desired audience.

The multilingual work from ExtraDigital is second to none, with many bilingual staff.

ExtraDigital are your passport to International Markets on Social Media

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