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Our Multilingual Expertise

The internet has opened up new opportunities for business around the globe. Why limit your website offering to one language? You could be connecting with new clients and opening up new markets in new territories.

To date, ExtraDigital have developed digital experiences in over 15 languages, from Arabic to Chinese, German to Japanese. In our 15 years, we have encountered many languages and clients with different marketing objectives for the relevant countries.

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Multilingual Development

Developing online experiences for foreign audiences not only takes a great deal of care and attention to get the content correct, but also a good understanding of the audience and local cultural trends and mannerisms.

Before starting out on any project we ensure that our team has conducted the relevant research that will make your website a success with a foreign audience.

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Multilingual Marketing

Our tried and tested marketing techniques are not only limited to English. We have conducted SEO and PPC in numerous languages, helping our clients extend their reach and connect with target audiences in countries near and far.

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Multilingual eCommerce

Making sales online is one thing, making sales online in different countries and languages is another. Luckily, here at ExtraDigital we have been highly successful in both. We apply our 15 years of multilingual experience with our expert knowledge of eCommerce solutions to create online experiences that will engage with and user, influence the purchasing decision and ultimately generate sales.

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Multilingual Social Media

The rise and influence of Social Media has made it an important marketing tool that should not be overlooked.

We use native speakers to create all our social communications to ensure that our multilingual social media marketing is not only grammatically correct, but also hitting the right tone in terms of cultural significance.

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