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Professional Brand Management

Brand ManagementWe supply full brand management services including strategy, positioning and identity to help you establish your brand in the marketplace and give you a complete understanding of how your business and brand is perceived by your potential customers and clients.

The core concept of brand strategy is relatively simple, but actually realising and then implementing a strategic direction for your brand is far more complex. The core of brand strategy is to place your brand in a unique market position which fully plays to your strengths. External marketing strategists can be invaluable in this exercise as they permit key issues to be identified and addressed in a timely manner.

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Our holistic approach to brand strategy includes

  • Define your current marketing environment (your brand and your competitors’)
  • Identify a vision for your business and opportunities to realise it
  • Determining how your brand needs adjustment in order to fit into this vision
  • Brand definition to drive further creative and marketing work
  • Brand guidelines for everything from look and feel to mood and voice

Remember the importance of being authentic to your brand!

Brand Design Services

Our brand management and design services can bring your business to life. We supply a comprehensive service that covers everything from mood boards and logo design to brochures, website design and full branding guideline documents.

Brand Design Services

To find out how ExtraDigital can help you better understand your brand and form a strategy to move your business forward in an exciting and dynamic new way, contact us today on 01227 68 68 98.

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