Digital Content Creation for Brand Engagement

Due to the recent innovations in digital content creation, we have seen the rise of interactive content powered by AI, used for storytelling and blending online and offline experiences using Augmented or Virtual reality. Mixed reality has been particularly effective in enhancing events.

One of our favourite current social media trends is sharing Instagram—and TikTok-worthy moments from events. This trend links in with another top trend—the popularity of authentic user-generated content.

Content Resonation with Diverse Audiences

Looking to expand your reach? To resonate with diverse audiences, we recommend adopting a multi-channel approach based on research into how that specific market prefers to consume content, which will vary based on industry and region.

Recent studies have proven that the younger generations prefer to associate with brands that align with their values. For example, genuine brand activism and ensuring accessibility are two effective ways to generate value-driven engagement. Further ethical considerations include prioritising honesty, diversity, inclusivity, and equality. Furthermore, ethical practices in content creation include cultural sensitivity, transparency, and a commitment to authenticity.

Cost vs "Shelf Life"

The "shelf life" of content is shortening, along with the window to attract your audience’s attention before they click or scroll away. As a result, marketers are moving away from high-cost TV advertisements to repurposing existing content and taking advantage of micro-moments on social media platforms.

The rise of influencer marketing proves how authentic, relatable content is now becoming favoured, especially as this can often be produced with smaller marketing budgets. However, we believe regular multi-channel content creation remains essential to stay relevant and keep your brand top-of-mind.

The Future of Content Creation

As we look ahead, we have made various predictions about the future of content creation:

  • Brands will work harder to foster creativity and collaboration within their teams internally, particularly by providing the necessary tools and training.
  • Those who embrace using AI for content creation and copywriting tasks are more likely to succeed.
  • Interactive and immersive experiences will continue to increase in popularity.
  • There will be greater emphasis on the collaboration between creative and marketing teams.
  • Key strategies will be community building and shared content creation.
  • Brands must learn to respect their audience’s attention.


We can all see that interactive AI-powered content and AR/VR technologies are redefining brand engagement and personalisation strategies, with particularly effective user-generated content. As always, we recommend a multi-channel marketing strategy but remember to consider the best ways of reaching your audiences and adapting your content to each form of media to stay relevant and engaging.

Monday 22nd July 2024

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