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Spanish Websites by Native Speakers

At ExtraDigital, we use native Spanish specialists, coupled with experienced marketers and developers to create Spanish language versions of your website.

We work with international and export businesses to create multilingual websites for both eCommerce and B2B lead generation or brochure sites.

Our Spanish websites are based on a solid understanding of both the language and culture, which is key to striking the right tone and getting across targeted messages to your audience.

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Spanish eCommerce

We work with eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and CS-Cart to provide multilingual or English-Spanish online shops.

Our clients have included beachwear, fashion, car accessories, medical supplies, engineering and manufacturing businesses and large multinationals.

Spanish Content Creation

Whether you are looking to translate your website from English into Spanish or from Spanish into English we can help.

First, let's be clear that we never recommend a simple "translation" of one language into another. We recommend a "translocation" service which also considers the buying habits and values of your website customers as well as other differences such as currency and date formats.

When a website is translated into Spanish we consider all forms of content.

  • Page Content in the form of text, images & video.
  • Meta Data which is very important for marketing.
  • Alert & Error messages which aid UX.
  • Shopping feeds or downloads.

Spanish Website Development that speaks volumes

Spanish Localisation

Localisation is more than a straightforward translation. It goes beyond and takes into account style, design and imagery that will influence your audience. Working with Extra Digital means that your content will be adapted to the language, culture and look-and-feel of Spain.

We are not just talking about words; numbers have their own language in Spain too. The use of the comma and the dot are opposite than in English, so when writing 1,000.00 (one thousand) Spaniards would use the dot for ‘thousand’ and the comma for the decimals (1.000,00). These little changes can really make a difference when introducing your products to the Spanish market and we have the expertise to help you.

Our native speakers understand the idiosyncrasy of the country and will conduct the required research to effectively market your service in the Spanish market.

Target & Communicate with new audiences in Spanish.

Web Design for the Spanish market

Our team of in-house website designers at ExtraDigital provide exceptional Spanish website design tailored to you and your business needs. Our highly skilled designers work in a close relationship with you to ensure the work produced is not only up to your standard, but we also ensure that your target audience is reached efficiently.

ExtraDigital is a multilingual and multicultural agency. Our website designs have been used globally in over twenty languages. Our team ensures that they stay on the forefront of the latest developments in global internet marketing and search engine optimisation.

Engage & Convert Spanish users into customers.

Spanish eCommerce Solutions

At ExtraDigital, we specialise in designing and developing Spanish eCommerce websites, we can build you an independent Spanish eCommerce store or set your company up with one of many popular Spanish eCommerce stores such as Amazon, Zalando or Otto.

We have a great deal of experience within the international and multilingual eCommerce sector helping clients to grow their customer base and increase their profits through the use of a well-established eCommerce store.

Widen your customer base, with Multilingual eCommerce.

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