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Content StrategyThe content you use is critical to the success of your marketing – everything from online search engine optimisation to logo design and even the copywriting of your brochures and business cards. Content strategy is becoming steadily more critical to successful marketing both on and offline and in order to help your growth you need to ensure you have something in place for your business that goes beyond simple blog posts.

  • Content needs to add value to your site and not act as “content stuffing” designed to just fill up the website with keywords and links
  • Content needs to be useful to, and written for, real users rather than search engine crawlers and robots
  • All content must be original and unique, not copied from competitors or repeated from existing search results
  • Make good use of multimedia with entertaining and informative videos and images which will draw in your users
  • Ensure content is easy to share so that visitors can help publicise it for you across social channels both on and offline
  • Keep content generation aligned with your main brand in terms of quality, tone and style so that users are able to easily identify and attribute its source

Content Strategy Services

Content Strategy ServicesOur content experts can help you to formulate a comprehensive and effective marketing content for your business, whether you need consumer-targeted content aimed at viral marketing and social sharing or high authority or technical content and online PR in order to establish your company as a leading authority in your market sector.

  • Video, image and infographic provision and design services
  • High-quality technical articles and PR material
  • Relationship development with authority websites and bloggers to raise your profile online
  • Fun and exciting consumer content to bring your products to life in the minds and imaginations of your target audience
  • Everything from high quality copywriting (in many languages) to graphical design and interactive services like games and shareable apps

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