MarTech Trends and Strategies 2024

To effectively tailor our marketing efforts to specific local markets while maintaining our clients’ global brand image, we keep certain elements such as font types and brand colours consistent but adapt the imagery and messaging to reflect the target area, even to individual neighbourhoods.

The brand name itself should also be evaluated across regions—think of Walkers and Lays as an example, where Lays acquired Walkers but kept the original name in the UK as it was such a well-established brand. Excessive rebranding (including name changes) can harm brand recognition and even your online authority.

Using MarTech to Drive Local Engagement

The main challenge for MarTech tools is navigating privacy regulations that vary widely across regions, such as adapting consent management and data privacy practices. While businesses must continue with their personalisation strategies due to legislative changes regarding consent requirements, they must do this with limited data. We believe the key to local engagement is being flexible and adaptable.

The Future of Personalisation

So, what do we predict for the future?

  • Businesses will require scalable solutions for ensuring compliance across different regions, supported by local teams of experts to drive engagement.
  • AI, particularly generative AI, is improving, but MarTech experts still believe that human input remains vital due to our experience and emotions.
  • Customers should be encouraged to provide feedback on their personalisation preferences in a step to avoid losing trust.
  • Consider tools to help you find the right balance between personalisation and data privacy, such as:
    • Intercom
    • Iterable
    • Braze
    • Bloomerang


By maintaining a cohesive global brand image for our clients while carefully adapting their content based on the target region, we can effectively tailor their marketing efforts to local markets.

The use of MarTech tools has become increasingly important for your personalisation strategy, as they help you navigate privacy regulations and utilise the limited data available. Scalable compliance solutions and AI integration are already set to be the future of personalisation, but remember to consider your customer feedback.

By incorporating these strategies, we believe that businesses will find the balance between personalisation and privacy to ensure sustained customer trust and engagement.

Friday 26th July 2024

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