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German Marketing by Native Speakers

At ExtraDigital, we use native German specialists, combined with experienced marketers to create online campaigns that will drive German customers to your website.

Our services are tailored to each business individually, be that an online luxury fashion store or a group of independent business consultants helping big European brands.

Our German marketing work is based on a solid understanding of both the language and the culture. This is key to striking the right tone and getting targeted messages across to your audience.

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German SEO

SEO is an essential part of a businesses' digital brand strategy. ExtraDigital can provide you with exceptional services, to increase your website's ranking through organic searches, with the end goal of increasing your sales.

We have native German speakers linked with highly-experienced marketers, offering you the best services we can. We believe that the most important aspects of successful SEO lie behind the key elements of SEO.

Start ranking for relevant German search.

German PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to reach customers, in a controllable and efficient way in any location almost instantly.

We have an outstanding team with an array of experience to deliver the best PPC for your business, keeping your budget and needs at the forefront. At ExtraDigital we regularly manage international PPC campaigns, as we believe the success of paid advertising relies on the close match of your business goals as well as the target audience.

Rank ahead of your competitors for relevant search.

German Social Media

There has never been a better time for your business to get social in Germany to improve your brand awareness, sales and profit. Germany is Europe's largest online marketplace after the UK, but it has almost triple the UK's current growth rate.

Our outstanding team at ExtraDigital have a lot of experience in using social media to increase awareness and enhance your sales in your business. We use the data from your social media platforms, your website and reviews of the current industry to assess and create a social media strategy that fits your needs.

Through our management we hope to increase your brand awareness and let you connect with your customers, for both inspiration and feedback.

Target & Communicate with new audiences in Germany.

Web Design for the German market

Our team of in-house website designers at ExtraDigital provide unique German website design tailored to you and your business needs. Our highly skilled designers work in a close relationship with you to ensure the work produced is not only up to your standard, but that your target audience is reached efficiently.

ExtraDigital is a multilingual and multicultural agency. Our website designs have been used globally in over twenty languages. Our team ensures that they stay on the forefront of the latest developments in global internet marketing and search engine optimisation.

Engage & Convert German users into customers.

German eCommerce Solutions

At ExtraDigital, we specialise in designing and developing German eCommerce websites, we can build you an independent German eCommerce store or set your company up with one of many popular German eCommerce stores such as Amazon, Zalando or Otto.

We have an extensive amount of experience within the international and multilingual eCommerce sector helping clients to grow their customer base and increase their profits, through the use of a well-established eCommerce store.

Widen your customer base, with German eCommerce.

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