International SEO

The internet isn’t confined by borders. Neither should your business be.

International SEO is the process of optimising your website so that search engines can easily identify which languages and countries your website is targeting. This makes your intended audience can find your site.

Do you need to go International?

If you have website visitors from a different country or that speak a different language than your website, it is a good idea to make changes that will give these international users a better experience by localising content to them.

Or you might be looking to grow by reaching a new audience who live in a different country and speak a different language? Your best chance at success is making sure they can understand your website, in their language and considering their culture.

ExtraDigital’s International SEO Services

  • URL Structure for International Sites
  • Localised content creation: language targeting & location targeting
  • WordPress Multilingualpress
  • In-house Multilingual Staff
  • International SEO Consulting
  • Monthly technical, on-page, and off-site SEO retainers for multilingual sites

Why is International SEO important?

If visitors can’t understand your website correctly, you may lose out on potential sales or leads. In addition, having a tone-deaf website could be just as detrimental as having a site in the wrong language.

The goal of International SEO is to ensure that visitors can, first of all, find your website in their natural language; second, that they understand your brand, product, and service correctly; and third, ensure that they can easily navigate the site and have an enjoyable experience that makes them want to come back.

Our Approach to International SEO

At ExtraDigital, we approach International SEO in two ways: country targeting and language targeting.

Country Targeting is needed when the location is a factor that influences your products or services. However, you will need a good level of traffic and conversion potential to target each country. If you do not have that, we start with…

Language Targeting is best when the location is not a factor – for instance if you want to sell to all Spanish speaking countries because of their language. Targeting this way can grow your audience until it is substantial enough to target by country.

We would then choose the best International site structure based on targeting and characteristics – this would determine the content structure.

We won’t give all of our secrets away, but here are some of the best practices that we perform for all international clients.

  • Localise site content and structure
  • Make the international web structure findable and easy to navigate
  • Use rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” annotations
  • Use meta content language in code
  • Promote within the community to earn local popularity
  • Geolocate (country targeting)
  • Host on a local IP address

International SEO Services from ExtraDigital

Many of the staff at ExtraDigital are multilingual, and we have worked with clients in over 15 languages. Speak to one of our team today, and we will get you crossing borders in no time!


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