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PPC and Paid search are a great way to get fast results for your business at a fixed cost.

Having started from paid listing in search results, the PPC model has expanded across many platforms, including social media. It also now has many different ad formats and options, including:

  • Text with or without Ad extensions
  • Image ads
  • In-stream video
  • Shopping ads
  • Call-only ads
  • App promotion ads
  • Retargeting ads

As you can see, there is a wide choice for any London based business and this is why many chose to outsource their PPC to a London Agency like ExtraDigital.

PPC London Agency Benefits

Successful PPC campaigns can bring results quickly at a precise cost, but they are very needy when it comes to your resources.

Campaigns need regular attention to make sure budgets are attributed correctly and that opportunities are realised. Most businesses can’t afford the cost of an experienced full-time or even a part-time member of staff to manage their PPC.

Also, in the hands of the inexperienced, even using some of the many online tools, often PPC costs can spiral before you see any real returns. This is a common reason why many abandon PPC.

PPC London - Control PPC Costs

Using a PPC agency like ExtraDigital is much more cost-effective as we will care and nurture your PPC campaigns freeing you to focus on other essential business tasks.

You may be concerned that you will no longer be in control, but that’s never the case with ExtraDigital. Our system of personal account managers means you always have a direct contact to discuss your needs and requirement so we always keep pace with you and you stay in control.

ExtraDigital PPC London Services

ExtraDigital is a Google AdWords certified partner using Google accredited PPC managers; in fact, we were one of the first digital agencies to do this.

From our offices in London and Canterbury our PPC management services will:

  • Squeeze the most value from your clicks budgets
  • Make sure your campaigns are regularly optimised with the best keywords, ads, and landing pages
  • Adjust bids and position for maximum effect
  • Align the campaigns with what matters to you be that increased sales, leads or traffic
  • Keep you informed about ways to improve your campaign's success further
  • Run regular A/B testing of ads, images, landing pages and keywords

We also have an in-house creative content team who can create custom image ads, promotional banners and improve product images for use in shopping feeds.

PPC London Example Results

Revenue Increase from PPC
Online shop
revenue increased
by 155.65%

(£11.5k 2017 to £29.5k 2018)

Leads Increase using PPC
Leads click conversion rate
increased by 230%

from 1.45% in October 2018
to 4.78% in February 2019.

PPC costs reduced
Cost per converted
click down by 64%

from £59.36 in November 2018
to £21.20 in February 2019.


For more examples of our work view our PPC Case Study for Protolabs

PPC Case Study

"I have found ExtraDigital to be a tremendous value, to the point where I recently asked Rachel to revisit our rates and make sure she was charging us enough. 

They bring to the table a deep understanding of best practices, but also a practical understanding of the importance to driving the overall business through measurable metrics. 

Plus, I really like that they call me out on my flip-flopping and occasional terrible ideas." 
Matt Lukens, Interactive Marketing Manager, Protolabs

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