Off-Page SEO

Who do you trust more, a company writing a review about themselves, or a third party writing a review about a company? Would you buy from a site that has no reviews and that you have never heard of before?

We're willing to bet that 10 times out of 10 you would pick an external review, and rarely ever buy from a ghost site. And so would Google when it comes to your website!

Off-Page SEO, (also know as On-Site SEO), is the use of external, (not on your website), resources and relationships to build your page's authority. These are things that you should be doing off your site to help boost your SEO.

ExtraDigital's Off-Page SEO Services

  • Review Building
  • Live Event Coverage
  • Guest Blogging
  • Brand Mentions
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Link Analysis

Why is Off-Page SEO important?

The goal of Off-Page SEO is to accumulate positive signals and interactions for your brand. This results in good reviews, brand mentions on social media, links to your website from credible sources, and so on. 

The more your brand is talked about online by external sources, the more it builds your authority with search engines and with customers. Off-Page SEO, when done right, creates a buzz and builds trust around your brand because someone else is giving praise to your business, other than the staff who work there.

"Extra Digital are a pleasure to work with for our digital marketing work, with an excellent blend of trusted marketing techniques and new creative ideas. Our partnership with ExtraDigital results in year on year steady growth of revenue and new customers."

Piers Crane
Holemaker Technology

Our Off-Page SEO approach can be broken down into 3 principles:

Social Media

We advise that all of our clients have a social media account, for more reasons than one! Customer support, responding to questions and queries and giving your brand a face to showcase your brand values & product/service. Running ads and boosting blog links that link back to your website is another credible source of external traffic that will add authority to your website.


This includes any other source of link building, be that influencer outreach, networking at events, content promotion, or guest blogging. At ExtraDigital , we believe every business is different and will require a bespoke approach in this aspect.

High-Quality Content

Off-Page SEO is all about building credibility; it should never be spammy. Sketchy and spammy services are what we call black-hat SEO tactics; they may earn you immediate links but will never get your page to rank well. Google can spot these immediately, and they will end up hurting your page. At ExtraDigital, our approach to Off-Site SEO will always employ white-hat tactics that are respected and will attract natural, high-value links to your website.

SEO Services from ExtraDigital

Let's build a buzz around your brand and strengthen your site's credibility and authority. Off-Page SEO is only one of the three core SEO parts of a successful SEO strategy.

Talk to the ExtraDigital Team today to get all of the working parts in motion.

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