Map Web Design

Interactive maps are great assets for your organisation and fulfil a number of needs. Maps help you to paint a picture and create an impression of the landscape for your audience.

map web design

At ExtraDigital, our development team have specialised in interactive map web design, creating intuitive maps to help fulfil your development requirements. 

We have extensive experience with a range of mapping platforms and data sets including:

  • Google Maps
  • Open Street Maps
  • Ordnance Survey
  • Bing Maps and more...

We ensure that the correct solution for your application requirements is met by creating accurate polygons to reflect data points such as districts, postcodes and boroughs.

Map Web Design

If you want to create effective maps for your site call us on 01227 68 68 98.

Why Map Web Design?

Web developments over the past 20 years have given rise to a number of ways of presenting useful data online.

Perhaps one of the most advanced tools is the interactive presentation of maps for demographic data. Effective map web design allows your organisation to present demographic data effectively when inviting action from the user. 

The visuals are crucial to showing relationships between data, which is an advantage that static maps do not have.

A static map may not be apparent initially, and there is not much a consumer can do - however, online interactive maps can furnished with moving sliders to reveal relationships between data and content.

Map Web Design

Powerful Map Driven Web Applications

ExtraDigital have worked with several organisations to provide powerful map-driven web applications.

Our clients span from government agencies such as Defra and the London Assembly through to private companies. We understand that each client has particular requirements and often need bespoke systems to collect and map demographic data across the UK, or even internationally.

Our maps can be developed with multiple postcode areas or points of interest for their clients and prospective customers.

Why Choose ExtraDigital?

We combine a mixture of experience, creativity and technical knowledge for our map web designs and applications.

Following the same ‘user-focused’ approach as all our website development work, we aim to build scalable, user-friendly mapping systems that display and present information interestingly and interactively.

To discuss your needs call us on 01227 68 68 98 or tell us more about your plans below.

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