Mobile Development

Mobile DevelopmentOur mobile development services include:

  • Mobile website design
  • Mobile web applications
  • Android Applications

We have created the following types of mobile website:

  • Simple brochure website with 'phone now' function
  • A mobile booking site for searching and reserving holiday accommodation
  • Questionnaire or assessment from mobile phones

Mobile development delivers an optimised view of your existing website and brand to maximise the browsing experience of your visitors. By detecting the device being used, we present a mobile layout design with condensed content in a format which is more legible and will load faster on mobile network connections.

Mobile & Tablet Development

When undertaking mobile development, there are fundamental design considerations to make a mobile site and app effective. Due to the reduced screen space, less information can be given.

  • Navigation needs to be simple and activated over a wide area on a touch screen.
  • Forms must be clear and straightforward with minimum typing and as much use of sectors as possible.
  • Calls to actions are accessible with a 'dial now' being very effective.

Mobile & Tablet DevelopmentYour existing website can remain unchanged, and a mobile website design or other mobile development is a very cost-effective way to improve your online marketing activity.

With the growing trend for mobile browsing, particularly in international markets, isn't it time you discovered how to improve your web presence? Get in touch, and we can give you the guidance you need on expanding your reach to your customers using mobile development.

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