Database Development

Our Database Development Skills

ExtraDigital's in-house team of developers can provide bespoke database applications, especially those that interface with websites.

Our clients for this work range from small business up to major multinational corporations and we have produced systems ranging from small website applications through to sophisticated management information systems.

Our preferred development platform is LAMP (Linux server, Apache operating system, MySQL database and PHP programming language). This is a popular choice with government agencies and large business keen to avoid expensive license fees from the alternative Windows-based development.

We are one of very few marketing and design agencies with a defined quality standards policy and have been ISO 9001 certified under certificate 10/2692 for over 8 years.

database development

Examples of database development

Finance system databases

We have produced database systems for interfacing between marketing websites and finance product calculators in markets such as loans, pensions and private healthcare. Many of these systems require secure servers as dealing with confidential medical or financial data. They often involve integration with 3rd party calculators or best deal finders.

Mapping and data analysis systems

It is possible to show a complex set of data graphically and if the data relates to geographical regions to show this with Google maps or Google earth. We work with Bureau Veritas and Defra on many air quality projects to show data on maps on websites. Some of these datasets are very large and require data manipulation and analysis before display.

Management Information Systems

We have produced integrated management information systems that deal with all communication between the company and their clients. We have done this in industries such as healthcare and adult education.

This starts with leads generated from the website or by phone or email, includes a record of all communication, creates customisable email responses and PDF attachments, allows for online payments, documents all payments received and made (to suppliers) and provides a reporting system for managers. Activities can be scheduled and highlighted in terms of priority. Access and reporting levels available vary with access level.

In one such system, we have included a booking and room allocation system making it easy to assign to rooms according to the language spoken and gender.

Marketing Information Systems

A much simpler alternative to a full management information system is a marketing system; this quickly indicates where good leads or sales have come from and the aim is to provide just the information needed.

Workflow and document tracking

As processes get moved online, there is a need for systems which accurately record the process of sending, receiving, actioning and replying to documents. These projects range from the simple job applications systems to the more complex handling of local authority report submission over many years with multiple levels of review and different reviewers depending on geographical location.

Multilingual database development

We have extensive experience in producing database driven systems in multiple languages. Examples of these include:

  • Database to choose the particular ring or spring according to the width and various other engineering measurements – in Russian
  • Database to select suitable aircraft for air charter company – in Russian, Arabic, French and English

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