Online Shop Development for Charity

The Project

Online shop build for large charity. A number of features were requested for the shop which included a user admin area where people are able to edit all their information, different delivery options, and an extremely simple check out system that is completely accessible to everyone. As part of the project they wanted to see all design wireframes for the different scenarios.

Online shop


To make the checkout process simpler for their users so that they achieve a higher number of orders through the website. The design also needed to fit in with their current branding. The uploading and editing in the CMS also needed to be very simple for the web editor to use.

What we did

We first considered the different users that would be purchasing the products and what their needs were. We decided that the whole process needed to be relatively simple from finding the products to buying them. The wireframes were then created and designed using existing branding and clients were able to look at the whole process and change anything that they did not like (although very little changes were made). Examples of the wireframes can be seen below:

The checkout process was clearly illustrated in the design wireframes.


The outcome of the products module designed and built for the client is that they now have an effective and efficient method to allow their users to buy products on their online shop. This will hopefully mean that more people will purchase products online using the simple system.

The client was very pleased with the end result, it has made it much simpler for them to edit and upload products through the ExtraCMS.

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