eCommerce Trends to Watch in 2024

The eCommerce world is evolving as rapidly as the general digital landscape, and the strategies involved are becoming more consumer-centric. In this blog, we explore the latest trends that online businesses are implementing to get ahead of the curve. From AI use to omnichannel experiences, you will discover the success drivers in today’s digital retail market.

Artificial Intelligence Personalisation

AI uses big data to simulate human intelligence. In the eCommerce market, it can learn from consumer behaviour to provide each customer individually with the most relevant information more accurately, boosting customer retention by up to 80%.

Omnichannel Experiences

“Phydigital” solutions blend the advantages of both online and in-store experiences. We have seen an increase in popularity for the “Click and Collect” options offered by businesses due to their convenience and flexibility.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

AR and VR content combines real life with computer graphics to allow customers to visualise products in their chosen environment – such as furniture placement or trying on clothes! This fun, interactive form of marketing has seen businesses that implement it enjoy a 94% increase in their conversion rate.

Increased Importance of Customer Relationship Management

Customer service is becoming increasingly more important to consumers in almost every industry. CRM tools help eCommerce businesses manage customer interactions – up to 92% of customers say they may never return after a bad experience! Businesses using CRM systems build loyalty by getting to know customers, allowing them to anticipate their needs.

Reward Schemes

The most common form is reward schemes, which can encourage repeat business. Furthermore, customer communication is key. Many online shoppers prefer a live chat function over picking up the phone.

eCommerce Through Social Media

With 80% of traffic coming through mobile, websites MUST be optimised for these devices. At the same time, sales through social media platforms are sharply increasing and are set to increase threefold in popularity by 2025.

Social Shopping

Social shopping is not a new marketing concept; however, new eCommerce tools such as TikTok Shop and Pinterest’s Shoppable Ads are reaching customers in an easy, cost-effective way. They are opening the doors to influencer marketing in ways that other social shopping hasn’t – content on these platforms is more engaging, and there is much less friction for purchase.

If you need help implementing these functionalities or strategies into your eCommerce site, contact the experts at ExtraDigital.

Thursday 2nd November 2023

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