Over 60% PPC Improvement in 7 Weeks!

PPC Improvement

For the past 7 weeks we have been working with a UK based company targeting a German audience for their range of high quality boot liners. Read more about our successes below.

The Project

HatchbagPPC Management for an eCommerce website supplying practical and high quality boot liners and their related accessories to a German audience.

Hatchbag is a custom made bootliner, ideal for keeping boots clean, dry and protected from whatever life throws at your car.

The target was to improve the number of sales via paid advertising in German for Hatchbag.de.

Our Approach:

German PPC Improvements

We restructured the Google AdWords account to improve the ability to target conversions, on top of this we created several new campaigns for new target keywords to help broaden the paid advertisements for seasonal and regional differences.

The approach taken by our in-house PPC team here at ExtraDigital to improve the performance of paid advertising for Hatchbag.de included…

  • Carrying out a detailed market and keyword research
  • Carrying out competitor research
  • Customer profiling to determine best sectors to target for highest returns
  • AdWords account restructuring
  • PPC account optimisation on a regular basis
  • Account optimisation at the keyword level to give the best performance

Targetted German PPC


Below are the results achieved after just 7 weeks of PPC management…

  • 51% increase in ad impressions
  • 88% increase in clicks
  • 60% increase in conversions with a 69% increase in sales value

The above case study is just one example of many where ExtraDigital have managed to generate an increase in conversions and sales value in a very short time period.

For many businesses this quick improvement in conversions and sales from PPC can help raise them from market lulls and fund future expansion plans.

ExtraDigital are Google Partners and have many qualified PPC managers. Call us today on 01227 68 68 98 to find out how we can help your PPC perform better.

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