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If you want to reach more customers exactly when they are searching for your products or services, then you need Pay-per-Click marketing, also known as PPC.

PPC is a form of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it's a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.

PPC Kent

Benefits of PPC 

Most PPC campaigns are run on Google AdWords as they have an 83% share of the UK search market.

However other search engines both in the UK and overseas offer Pay-per-Click and depending on your target audience these can be effective.

ExtraDigital PPC services help you:

  • Get more website visitors at a reasonable cost
  • Reach local, national and international customers
  • Get seen at the right time i.e. when someone is searching for your services or products

Because you only pay when your ad is clicked PPC should be cost-effective.

However, to get the best from this type of marketing you need three things:

  • Correct set-up
  • Sensible Budgeting
  • Regular optimisation

Correct PPC Management

While Pay-per-Click seems simple the wide range of options and campaign types can make it very confusing. Often campaigns can burn through budgets without producing the results you want.

While there are many PPC management tools available, to see the best results you still need a real person with experience to review and action improvements.

Here at ExtraDigital, we have been running PPC services as part of digital marketing for over 15 years and were one of the first agencies to only use Google AdWords certified staff to manage campaigns.

Results Driven PPC

Results Driven PPC 

What do you want from your PPC?

More leads and more sales with less spend! That’s what we do at ExtraDigital - PPC Agency Kent.

ExtraDigital will:

  • Ensure your campaigns are set-up and optimised correctly
  • Work to reduce costs and increase sales and leads
  • Keep you up-to-date with changes and advice on the best options

PPC Results

Revenue Increase
Online shop
revenue increased
by 155.65%

(£11.5k 2017 to £29.5k 2018)

Revenue Increase
Leads click conversion rate
increased by 230%

from 1.45% in October 2018 to 4.78% in February 2019.

Revenue Increase
Cost per converted
click down by 64%

from £59.36 in November 2018 to £21.20 in February 2019.

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