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If you want to reach more customers where and when they are searching, you need to invest in pay-pay-click advertising. 

Benefits of PPC

PPC is the fastest way to dramatically increase traffic to specific landing pages on your website. Because you are able to closely control bids and budgets, you can accurately calculate the return on investment and value that PPC is adding to your business. 

You can target very refined audiences depending on relevant keywords, demographics, locations, device type and much more. This ensures your ads are showing to only the most qualified searchers. 

ExtraDigital can help you:

  • Increase qualified website visitors quickly
  • Reach local, national and international customers
  • Get seen by anyone looking for your products or services
  • Increase ROI for your business


Pay-Per-Click Management

While PPC is simple in concept, there are many aspects that need regular management and up-to-date knowledge to avoid burning through budgets without producing any positive results. 

While there are many PPC management tools available, to see the best results you still need a real person with experience to review and action improvements.

Here at ExtraDigital, we have been managing PPC accounts over 15 years, understanding the importance of having Google AdWords certified staff optimising pay-per-click campaigns.

Results Driven PPC

Results Driven PPC 

What do you want from your PPC?

More leads and more sales with less spend. That is exactly what we do. 

ExtraDigital will:

  • Ensure your campaigns are set-up and optimised correctly
  • Work to increase sales and leads for the same budget
  • Keep you up-to-date with changes and recommendations going forward 

PPC Results

Revenue Increase
Revenue increased
by 155.65%

£11.5k to £29.5k in 1 year

Revenue Increase
Leads click conversion rate
increased by 230%

1.45% to 4.78% in 4 months

Revenue Increase
Cost per converted
click down by 64%

£59.36 to £21.20 in 3 months

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