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ExtraDigital have extensive experience in PPC management for small businesses right through to large multinational corporations. We understand that paid search management is far more than just PPC bid management.

Google PPC Management Includes:

  • Landing page optimisations
  • Ad copy optimisations
  • Ad extensions
  • AdWords bid management and budget management
  • Keyword management

And much more.

We continuously work on Google AdWords campaign management to improve ROI (return on investment) by generating more sales at a lower cost per sale.

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Google Ads Management Company

Our results speak for themselves. We expect to achieve improvements of over 40% when we begin Google Ads (formally known as AdWords) PPC management on your account. We then continue to optimise and advise on new opportunities as they arise.

Wherever you are in the world, our regular communication, reports and calls will ensure we feel like your local PPC management company. As a successful Google Premier Partner, we are the perfect PPC advertising management company for anyone from the US to Europe and even further afield.

Best PPC Management Company

Successful professional PPC management requires experience and attention to detail. All too often, PPC campaigns are set up and left to run with little care, leading to poor performance and wasted money.

Companies often rely on management tools to aid bid management – but bid price is only one parameter within PPC ad management, and arguably not the most important. You also need to consider landing pages, ad copy and user journeys.

PPC providers such as Google are continually updating and improving their PPC platforms, so it is in your interest to be aware of these, or work with a PPC management firm which is, to get the full benefit.

Where Does ExtraDigital Come In?

Whether you already have paid search campaigns or would like to start new ones, ExtraDigital’s highly qualified consultants can help you get the very best results from your budget.

Ongoing each month we undertake:


Keyword research and optimisation

We regularly review keywords, adjust bids, change match types and research further opportunities.

New ads & ad copy testing

We continuously test ad copy variations and review landing pages to identify any disconnects.

Bid Price Management

We regularly monitor and adjust bid prices to achieve the best ROI for the number of leads and revenue.

Campaign optimisations

We review to ensure your campaigns are on the right networks with the right audience for your business.

For expert PPC Management that will take your company to the next level, and find out our PPC management pricing, talk to our expert team today.

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