Building Global Trust in Your Website

With global expansion comes many challenges, including building trust among consumers from diverse cultures that speak a wide variety of languages. Any successful B2B or B2C relationship is built on trust. With many more interactions and transactions occurring online without ever meeting face-to-face, establishing trust becomes even harder but also even more important.

ExtraDigital understand the importance of trust both between us and our clients, and between our clients and their customers. That’s why we strive to help businesses build trust with consumers on whatever scale suits their needs. But what can YOU do to help? Something we’ve found in our 20 years in business is the importance of security and trust seals.

In this blog, we will focus primarily on security and trust seals for websites.

What are security and trust seals?

Security and trust seals are visual indicators you can use to reassure consumers about the safety and reliability of your brand’s website. This says to customers “our website is secure, your personal information is protected, and our transactions are conducted safely”. For multilingual businesses, these marks can resonate with diverse audiences.

How can they help?

Universal understanding

Cyber security is an essential consideration for both businesses and consumers. Rightly so, with the dramatic increase in cyber-attacks in recent years. The Norton Secured Seal is recognised across many languages and cultures, offering peace of mind to website visitors by showing that a website is scanned daily for malware and other forms of vulnerabilities.

Cultural sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity is a widely discussed topic in the marketing world. Different cultures are likely to have different approaches to conducting business online, such as online shopping. In Japan, the “eCommerce Trust Mark” can only be issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), therefore holding significant weight.

By understanding these cultural differences, you can select trust seals that are most relevant for each country in which you operate.

Enhance your credibility

Trust seals act as a non-biased third-party endorsement that lends credibility to your brand name and your dedication to security and reliability. In the U.S., the Better Business Bureau (also known as the BBB) issue a widely-recognised Accredited Business Seal to represent a business that stands for its core values of trust and integrity.

Legal compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a very important piece of legislation for companies operating in the European Union (EU). By displaying this seal on your website, you are assuring European consumers that their data rights are respected, so not only does this build consumers’ trust in your brand, but it also helps you avoid any tricky legal situations.

Impact of your bottom line

Studies have consistently shown that websites displaying trust seals experience higher conversion rates. Like the Norton Secured Seal, the McAfee SECURE trustmark indicates a secure website, but it also offers a $100,000 protection plan in the event of a data breach, to provide consumers with extra assurance.


We work with multilingual businesses by providing the right strategies and support for them. Our team of experts can easily integrate security and trust seals into our clients’ websites as best practice.

Want to incorporate relevant security and trust seals into your website? Contact ExtraDigital today!

Monday 22 April 2024

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