I was introduced to ExtraDigital by a colleague who said that her advice and design work on his web site had brought him to the top of the natural search pages in Google. My web site was not searching well thought graphically it looked 'pleasing'. As it was not pulling in the business it was not 'fit' for its intended purpose, so I approached Rachel to do whatever was necessary (no real constraints apart from modest budget). That was in August and we are now on front page. I had to be part of the solution and writing material for the site was an important task; necessary, but not all that difficult. Rachel also helped on wording here and there, sometimes quite brutal, but usually the 'delete' key was all that was necessary. Now searching high, bringing in customers, job done! .... But Rachel points out that it's never 'done'; so it's a bit of a treadmill, but it works. Thanks. David

David Jefferson, JI Software January 2010

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