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IRIS is one of the top Microsoft Azure partners in the UK and has enabled 1000’s properties across the globe to deliver an innovative digital guest experience, including many of the world’s top hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, IHG and Four Seasons.


Seeking to engage with industry leaders, IRIS aimed to exhibit at the world's largest hospitality technology conference in Toronto. They sought to showcase their F&B online ordering and mobile concierge platform, highlighting its latest features, solutions, and integrations. For this purpose, IRIS briefed us to design an impressive expo setup that would capture attendees' attention.

We were briefed on designing: 

  • 3m X 2m Backdrop Stand
  • Counter
  • Selfie Board

3m x 2m Backdrop Stand:

To convey IRIS's brand identity effectively without overwhelming the audience, we recommended a clean and minimalist design. We incorporated the brand's colours, imagery, and compelling CTA’s to reinforce brand recognition. Leveraging a lifestyle photo and realistic mockup of the F&B ordering system, we transformed the backdrop stand into an immersive experience, highlighting essential elements that resonated with the audience.


Complementing the backdrop stand, we designed a sleek and functional counter to serve as a focal point for engaging with visitors. The counter featured an intuitive layout, showcasing the user-friendly interface of IRIS's mobile concierge platform as well as a CTA.

Selfie Board:

Recognising the importance of social media engagement, we introduced a unique and playful element to the booth set-up - the selfie board. This creative addition not only allowed IRIS to connect with the audience on a personal level but also facilitated the organic promotion of the F&B app when shared on social media platforms. By integrating the app's interface and branding into the selfie board design, we encouraged visitors to capture memorable moments and generate a buzz online.


Remarkable results were achieved, transforming their presence at HITEC Toronto. The crafted booth setup captured the attention of industry professionals and potential clients alike, effectively conveying IRIS's commitment to delivering innovative digital guest experiences. The design elements created an immersive environment that showcased the F&B online ordering and mobile concierge platform in a compelling and engaging manner.


Through strategic design choices and a deep understanding of the client’s objectives, We successfully transformed the exhibition presence at the conference. The combination of a visually appealing backdrop stand, a functional counter, and a captivating selfie board allowed IRIS to communicate its brand messaging effectively.

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