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Paid Search advertising in Google Ads is the fastest way to get your website showing at the top of French search engine results pages. 

If your business targets French customers, then you need French language Paid Search campaigns to really communicate with your audience, let alone to get your ads to show up for French search terms. Simply translating your campaigns into French won't work, you need an understanding of the French language, culture and search habits to run successful French PPC campaigns. 

Google Partner

Work with a Google Partner, ExtraDigital, to improve the performance of your French Paid Search campaigns. 

For multilingual campaigns, we ensure all advertising is written for the target audience and is not simply a translation of one language. The key product benefits and most relevant USPs vary with culture – getting this right increases conversion rates.


The multilingual language service that ExtraDigital provide not only allows us to communicate to our French and Spanish consumers, but the management also allows us the time to test creatives and measure the effectiveness of each channel in those markets. The service and support we have received from ExtraDigital is second to none, and we look forward to our partnership continuing and developing over the coming year.

-Lily Freed, RealD 3D

Key Facts on Paid Search in France

  • France has the 2nd biggest online population in the EU but makes fewer searches compared to other countries
  • Low searches mean the French Paid Search market is less competitive and offers lower bid prices making it great value
  • Difficulties are largely due to French words being longer than English, making compelling ads harder to craft - trying to use a simple translation service will not work well
  • The French have strict internet rules that you must adhere to

Learn more about French Paid Search online with our blog ‘Opportunities of French PPC’.

Key Facts on PPC in France

Why Outsource French Paid Search?

Time really is money. 

Using an experienced Paid Search agency like ExtraDigital means you don't have to learn how to create a Paid Search strategy that may or may not work. You can let the experts do their job and start seeing sales and leads much faster. 

A well-optimised account can see rapid ROI

Why Choose ExtraDigital?

Work with a Google Partner, ExtraDigital to improve the performance of your Paid Search campaigns. We will work closely with you to align your PPC campaigns with company goals and provide an efficient, cost-effective solution to advertise your business.

Our fluent French-speaking staff will ensure your Google Ads account produces the maximum number of sales or leads. We will analyse your ad copy, bids and landing pages to lower your acquisition cost without sacrificing quality leads.

ExtraDigital managed Paid Search accounts across most industries bringing in B2C and B2B sales lead generation. When managing international campaigns, different ads may be required across different regions to meet different rules, and these also vary from one advertising platform to another. Within market sectors such as healthcare and finance, we ensure your ad campaigns adhere to country-specific rules. 

ExtraDigital's French PPC results

Our results have included:

  • Spend reduced by 70% while increasing revenue
  • 4x more sales and 2x more profit in under two months
  • 150% increase in goal conversions in under two months
  • New business enquiries up 126% month on month
  • Cost per conversion down 74% month on month

Paid Search is internationally recognised as one of the most efficient and cost-effective forms of advertising. If your campaigns are set up well and continually optimised, you can achieve great results.

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