How to Create Remarkable Social Media Ads

Journey Based Advertising: Chapter Eight

If you are just joining us, while this chapter is useful on its own, we do suggest starting from the beginning!

In chapters one-seven we have covered Journey Based Advertising, how organic and paid advertising work together, how to adapt journey-based advertising to social and search, the advantages of advertising on search and social, and even how to calculate a profitable ad spend.

In this chapter, we are going to discuss how to create ridiculously good Facebook Ads.

Facebook’s Three Rules

Expected quality, engagement, and conversion. Remember these! They are the three metrics that Facebook measures your ad performance by, understanding them will help you chisel your ads into perfection.

Facebook considers:

  1. Quality – How good your ad is in comparison to ads from other advertisers competing for the same audience
  2. Engagement – How much engagement your ad receives compared to others competing for the same audiences
  3. Conversion - A conversion rate of your ads compared to others with the same campaign goal and the same type of advertisement (traffic, video, photo, slideshow).

Diagnosing the problem

Analysing and learning from your ads is the best way to improve them. Let’s dive into how you can diagnose problems using Facebook’s three rules.

Diagnosing Quality Problems

If your ad is not being served to your audience frequently or costs a lot to deliver, then it might need improvement of its quality.

Make sure you are:

  • Using language that your target audience uses
  • Using imagery and video content that is representative of your target audience
  • Offering value upfront and providing relevant content

Diagnosing Engagement Problems

If your ad is not driving the numbers of interactions you expected, your ad could probably be more engaging.

Review your ad and ask yourself:

  • Does it stand out?
  • Is it in a format your audience will engage with? (IE video, gif, try experimenting with different types if you don’t know)
  • Is your CTA visible and direct?

Diagnosing Conversion Problems

If you notice people are clicking on your ad but are not completing what you are asking them to do, you can improve your post-click experience.

Make sure you:

  • Create a landing page that is aligned to the messaging and style of your ads
  • Limiting your lead generation forms to only the most essential fields.

Once you realise where your ads underperform, you can take steps to improve them in these three areas. If you’re having bigger Facebook Ad issues than the ones listed above, ExtraDigital are always on hand to help!

Next Chapter: 8 - Exploring Keyword Research and Match Types

Thursday 30th April 2020

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