Successful eCommerce needs a touch of spice

Online marketing executives of busy eCommerce stores will be busy planning campaigns, analysing keyword lists, adjusting bids and checking the latest key performance indicator ratios. Reports to the board or business owner might focus on keyword rankings, traffic numbers or click through rates.

But sometimes it is worth sitting back, enjoying a spicy curry and thinking ‘what is hot’?

By Rachel Cornish

Hot products for eCommerce marketing

Hot products in your curry are likely to be chilli peppers, but other candidates are ginger or harissa. These ingredients stand out – they get noticed and they flavour the curry.  They are distinctive.

But what are hot products in your eCommerce store? These are the products that look good, are priced attractively and that are interesting and enticing to buy.

When you shop in a spice market, you are attracted by the colours and the smell – you use multiple senses to make that buying decision.

And with online eCommerce stores the image quality is important, and so is the description. A few stores make use of video or sound which is great, but others need to use the product copy to make the product ‘hot’ and attractive. In an eCommerce store the products image(s) are the first thing that attracts a visitors’ eye. After this the actual product copy is really important. It should give a lot of detailed information to keep the customer investing time in your product, subconsciously becoming familiar with your online shop.

So hot products are those with good images and detailed descriptions. To convert into sales they should be products that people want. There is an argument that says the right product copy can sell any product. Your product copy is your sales person. Make it hot.

Monday 13th May 2013

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