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Our digital marketing audit is a thorough evaluation of your website which examines your online business strategies, objectives and current performance. This allows us to identify any weaknesses in current strategies and recommend a refined digital marketing strategy for your business. Digital marketing audits are the complete guide to an upgraded, better-performing website.

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SEO Audit

Basic analysis on how well your site performs in search. Higher visibility in search engines and higher-ranking websites always mean more visitors and potential customers.

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PPC AdWords Audit

An in-depth analysis of your paid advertisement campaigns. With the right target audience and specific keyword use, a successful PPC campaign should witness high conversion rates.

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Technical Website Audit

This is a technical audit for your site. We assess aspects such as user experience, site errors and code quality & structure. The technical audit gives us the opportunity to make recommendations which may be required to resolve any issues efficiently and effectively.

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Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

We look at your performance across your social media platforms. Creating content that is desired by your target audience is key for effective social media marketing. Audience engagement, online popularity and referrals/conversions are all factors which determine the effectiveness of your social platforms.

How does Social Media play a part?

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

It is always beneficial to conduct a brief analysis on your direct competitors to see how they perform in comparison to you. Competing in the search market is often seen as tough, however we have the required experience and tools to keep you ahead of your online competitors.

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