Educating audiences on Stockpiling with Inbound

In a recent Case Study, we examined our HubSpot Onboarding for long-term client CRS Cold Storage. In this Case Study, we’re going to look at the success of their first inbound campaign.

Alongside an efficient onboarding process, ExtraDigital worked with CRS to determine the subject of their first inbound campaign. It was decided that in the current climate, businesses were adapting their cold storage to stockpile large quantities of goods.

CRS Stockpiling Campaign

As a leading cold storage provider, CRS was uniquely positioned to meet the growing demand for stockpiling goods. Their range of 40ft and 45ft Cold Stores and Mega Cold Stores are ideal for companies looking to store vast quantities of temperature-sensitive goods.

The approach was to provide companies valuable information for the process of stockpiling, looking at best practices, features, and benefits of solutions and alternatives. These content offerings were supported by a range of contributing articles, and Social and Email Marketing were implemented to drive traffic to these new resources.

Dedicated landing pages were created around each content offering, and upon completion of a simple form, the prospect gained access. Those who downloaded content were nurtured with further content offerings via email, giving them the opportunity to connect with the sales team at each stage.

This initiative led to increased activity on Social Media and a spike in email Open Rates. CRS saw an influx of downloads of their content and, in turn, an increase in enquiries as a direct result of the content offerings and nurturing emails.


One of the redeeming features of this campaign is that it has continued to produce results even since the promotion of supporting material has stopped. Evergreen campaigns like this are the core of a company's Inbound Strategy; it seems that for the CRS audience stockpiling is a key issue.

This is no more prevalent than in the circumstances we now find ourselves amid the outbreak of COVID-19, or coronavirus. ExtraDigital were quick to adapt to the growing situation and advised CRS to overhaul this campaign to ensure it was relevant for these uncertain times.

We examined the messaging and material to ensure it was empathetic to the situation and are currently rolling out an updated campaign to their prospects.

Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

If you find yourself in a position where business has slowed, now is a great time to be marketing!

Investing time and energy now will ensure you retain traction and come out on-top once this period of uncertainty has passed. Tailoring content to your audience and establishing your brand as a thought leader in your sector will instill faith in your audience.

If you're looking to attract, engage, and delight your audiences, then Inbound could be for you. Get in touch and let ExtraDigital, a HubSpot Gold Partner, demonstrate how this can be done.

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