Why just Spanish translation is not enough!

Spanish Website Translation

Is your business driven by quality? Does the saying ‘more haste, less speed’ apply to the way you do things? If your answer was yes, then this pretty much tells you why translating your website into a different language is simply not enough.

Hiring a translator just to translate your content may get you by for now, but will not be doing you any favours in the long run. Instead of engaging with your potential new customers, you could be jeopardising their trust and setting up unbreakable barriers.

These are the main reasons why having your website translated into Spanish is not good enough to succeed in a country full of contrasts, culture and personality.  

Don’t translate, localise!

Certain analogies and cultural references in English don’t make any sense in Spanish, so simply translating them or looking for equivalents could risk alienating potential customers. Localising means adapting your content and your website, so it speaks to those it is aimed at – not just in the same language, but in the same cultural code.

If you want to offer the same quality of service to your customers in Spain, then localising your website is essential.

This sounds very job interview like, but – do you know what makes your potential customers get up in the morning?

If you’ve done your homework, you probably have a pretty good idea of your buying personas or ideal customer profiles and will be able to answer this question easily. However, if you assume these profiles are going to mirror those of potential customers in Spain, then you’ve missed a trick.

Are clichés all you know?

Don’t get trapped in prejudices. Siesta, paella, flamenco, sunny and hot… is that all you know about Spain?

Spain is a country full of contrasts, and these come in all shapes – including weather, food and culture. Bringing topics to the table to connect with your audience can be a good resource if you know exactly what you are doing, where and with whom.

Using references about how sunny Spain is in Salamanca during February - while they are probably having fun with their sledges - is going to make people laugh and think you are incapable of understanding their worries and solving their problems.

Spanish Websites

Specialised service

When giving your project to a translator, you can only expect that – a translation.

However, a website is much more than just words, right? Graphics, technical aspects, design – they all need to be considered when creating an efficient site that helps you attract the right leads. And translators can’t do all that.

You’ll need to work closely with marketing consultants, web developers and if you can ask native Spanish who knows about marketing and websites to help you out, then you are hitting the 10/10 mark!

Spanish website translation is just one service. With ExtraDigital, you have access to an experienced marketing team of native speakers who can help you create a powerful website that connects and speaks in the right tone for Spain. Get in touch today.

Monday 15th July 2019

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