WooCommerce Maintenance

Looking for help managing and maintaining your WooCommerce store?

Most businesses gain a significant proportion of their daily sales from their eCommerce store.

It is for this reason that your online shop must be in good condition at all times, otherwise, you risk losing sales. The team here at ExtraDigital understand how critical your online store is and can provide trustworthy hands-on help to manage and maintain your WooCommerce store.

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ExtraDigital can provide the following:

We have over a decade of experience assisting eCommerce stores all of shapes and sizes, ensuring that they are kept running for the benefit of your customers and your business.

Below are just some of the areas of eCommerce maintenance that we have experience in:

  • Large eCommerce stores on multiple servers
  • Optimised large WooCommerce stores on duel servers for performance
  • Smaller online stores using WooCommerce as an open-sourced product capable of expanding with their activities
  • Multi-lingual eCommerce stores, including WooCommerce stores
  • Integrating a range of eCommerce stores with PSPs (online payment providers) and will fulfilment warehouses allowing for more efficient operation for our clients

We can provide specialist WooCommerce SEO and WooCommerce Paid Search services for your company and its WooCommerce website as well. These services combine our knowledge of the WooCommerce and WordPress platform with our marketing expertise in areas of both SEO and PPC.

Contact us today on 01227 68 68 98 for a free quote or tell us more about your needs in the form below. Don’t hesitate to improve your WooCommerce store, contact us today.

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