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CLIENT: Love Silver

SERVICES: eCommerce Development & Marketing


LoveSilver is an eCommerce site providing personalised jewellery to the UK and overseas customers. Their new website needed to compete against the market with a fresh UX (user experience) focused web design retaining the customer base and brand identity.

The new website needed to have a high quality branded mobile-first design working across different platforms. Through designing it for mobile-first, it ensured it could be scaled up for optimisation across different devices including laptop and desktop.

The client’s previous site had already been designed using Magento, and we recommended upgrading it to a Magento 2 site. In doing so, it benefits the latest code and functionality, improving the performance for the end-user.

For designing the site pages, the home page had an editable banner alongside basic requirements such as the site search over mobile and desktop. All of the pages have footer information and social links embedded; the products are organised under each category with each page having room for descriptions and may be filtered. Ultimately enhancing the site practicality and user experience.

The product pages are designed to reduce distraction and maximise each product’s potential. They include reviews, prices and product titles. Once customers decide on the product and add it to cart, it is designed to reflect and adjust the price accordingly.

The admin area needed to make the updating and managing of the site simple, with the strategic objective of the site being to help efforts on the global market, the admin area needed to manage both the LoveSilver sites and any additional ones in the future.

The website needed to support the client’s marketing efforts and included promotional banners, and Google Shopping feeds. The technical marketing features also included Sitemaps, Search-friendly URL’s and structure, and is integrated with Google Analytics to measure the site’s performance.

Once the site was designed and built to the clients’ specific needs and requirements, this included optional features of the site to advance it to delight and engage their audiences; we duplicated it for the different markets the client was targeting.

In doing so, there is continuity across the sites, and they become recognisable. This helps for marketing purposes as once the continuity is established; the content can start to be produced targeting these specific markets.

Once the site had been developed and signed off by the client, we did our pre-launch testing, ensuring that all pages were active and linked, analytics was correctly measuring performance, and the sitemap was functional.

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