Consistent PPC improvements

Pay Per Click is a sure-fire way to begin generating traffic for your business as soon as you launch a campaign.

Of course, work is required to research and set up the campaign correctly, but when compared to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you can expect to generate leads or sales in a much shorter time frame.

As a Google Partner, ExtraDigital manages an extensive portfolio of client accounts, with combined Ad Budgets of hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our clients put their faith in our expertise to generate the very best results from the budget, producing the best ROI (Return on Investment) for their campaigns.

Our experienced approach, combined with our continued learning and experimentation on the Google Ads platform enables us to produce some fantastic results, no matter the size of the budget.

We have retained business with many of our clients for several years, continuing to optimise their accounts and introducing new campaigns along the way. One such client was thrilled to see the benefit of our PPC services, over the past three years.

With our management, they have seen their three KPIs improve year on year.

Alongside a significant increase in sales from PPC, they have seen their Conversion Rate grow, and the Cost per Conversion dramatically reduce. This is the key objective for any PPC campaign, to increase the number of conversions while lowering the cost of that conversion to directly impact the ROI.

PPC Conversion Results

The results were not achieved overnight but came as part of continued improvement in the campaign and associated landing pages. This goes to show that PPC can offer results early but can also be refined to provide further value as time goes by.

Of course, we at ExtraDigital would highly recommend monthly management of your PPC campaigns, as what worked one month can often be very different from what will work the next or what’s going to continue to work further down the line. Consistent research and refinement will produce the best results, and it takes experience and continued testing to know how to get the most out of your campaigns.

If your PPC results aren’t meeting your expectations, then speak to the experts today. Get in touch with the team at ExtraDigital, and we can set you on the path to more effective campaigns, improved results and a higher ROI in no time.

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