ExtraDigital begin work with Real Selling Sales Training Company

ExtraDigital are proud to announce the agreement of work for a new client, Real Selling. We were approached by Real Selling - specialists in sales training - to aid in the design and development of a new website and carry out the internet marketing work once the site is live. The new site will be designed to better promote their range of courses that they offer.

Real Selling provide a comprehensive range of sales training courses in the UK and Europe, specialising in everything from telesales to advanced selling techniques. ExtraDigital were chosen after assessing 4 key criteria for the site:

  • Online Workshop Booking
  • Require the ability to upload content and workshop dates ourselves or the facility where the site can be updated and maintained by the provider.”
  • Display Delegate reviews and feedback
  • Sales tips and increase the number of articles sign up

Real Selling have one aim - “to provide our clients with the highest quality training programmes that deliver long term sustainable improvements in sales performance. “ This motto makes ExtraDigital a great match as we too hope to provide our clients with sustainable improvements in the long term and leads through the web design and marketing work carried out.

ExtraDigital specialise in building websites with search engine optimisation and marketing in mind. We hope to build a long term relationship with Real Selling to help to deliver some great results.

For more information about the website design and development services that ExtraDigital provide, get in touch with us today on +44 (0) 1227 68 68 98 today. 

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