B2B Lead Generation through LinkedIn Ads

The Client

Our mystery client is one of the leading providers of highly scalable development and DevOps solutions used by numerous Fortune 100 companies.

The company offers several products and solutions globally and continues to grow and acquire new brands. We have been working alongside the client for nearly four years, managing eleven of their Pay-Per-Click accounts with the aim to increase quality leads and drive profitability.

In recent years, we have been focusing on running LinkedIn ads for numerous brands and have found great success, so we thought we would share! 

Shifting focus to LinkedIn Ads

For years now, we have been successfully running numerous Google Ads campaigns for the brand. We have tried numerous strategies from search campaigns, website retargeting, customer match, competitor’s campaigns etc., and as Google Ads continues to improve and grow, we will continue to test new things for greater results.

However, with LinkedIn now named the number one B2B lead generation platform and the potential to reach over 65+ million decision makers, it was paramount for us to shift the focus to LinkedIn advertising too!

The Results

The brand in question is an industry-leading provider of Java development efficiency tools and was looking to reach the right users and present itself as the ultimate tool for application development.

With this goal in mind, we launched a lead generation campaign using the Sponsored Content Ad format with an informative content piece as an offer that users could download for free.

Working with the client, we tested with variations of ad copies, creatives, and CTAs to get the best combination that delivered the best result.

Targeting on LinkedIn is powerful, so we tested with different options including based on user's attributions such as their job titles, seniorities within their organisations, personal interests, groups they are members of, and other options such as contacts, website and account retargeting.

We also tested with a lead gen form as collecting quality leads is known to be easier with the pre-filled forms feature where users ready to convert are able to do so with less effort as the form fields were already pre-filled.

Within just over a month of launching the campaign, we achieved the followings.

  • Gained 76 leads
  • Lead form completion rate of 21%

Like the other paid ad channels, the key to success in LinkedIn Ad is A/B testing. From lead gen form and landing pages to video, carousel and image-based ads, ad copies, different audiences and targeting etc., make sure to test, test and test!

LinkedIn advertising is a great platform for lead generation, but it doesn’t stop there! LinkedIn ads can help achieve your other business goals, including increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, growing followers, and attracting job candidates.

Ready to reach your ideal audience and grow your business through targeted ads on today’s largest professional network platform, LinkedIn? Contact our Paid Advertising experts here at ExtraDigital and let us help you plan an effective LinkedIn campaign strategy today! 

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