Google Ads for eCommerce

The Client

Farm Marketplace originally came to ExtraDigital looking for CS-Cart development work to improve the overall experience for their website. The new skin was a success and having built rapport with the client, we were asked to continue marketing work for them.

In this previous case study, you can see what we have been doing to further improve the UX of the website.

Naturally, our efforts did not stop at website optimisations - Google Ads is one of the most profitable revenue streams within digital marketing, so naturally, we wanted to dig our teeth into their account and make optimisations and recommendations to see the account grow.

Google Ads

On Google Ads our main focus was on the shopping campaign, although we also run Dynamic, Search and Display Remarketing campaigns. Being an eCommerce website, products are the heart and soul of their revenue so having a well-optimised, profitable shopping campaign is paramount!

Fast forward to a year after working on the account, these are the month-on-month results we’ve seen:

  • 1.88% CTR (+41%)
  • 136 Conversions (+21%)
  • 19 ROAS (+105%)

But smart shopping’s on its’ way out, right?

Indeed, Google is sunsetting Smart Shopping campaigns, replacing them with the improved Performance Max campaigns. Smart shopping campaigns will be automatically upgraded to Performance Max between July 2022 and Sept 2022.

If you’re with a good agency, your account would have been prepared for this and Performance Max campaigns have already been set up, like we have done with our clients.

We’re already seeing promising results from Performance Max – check outthis case study to see some findings!

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