CS-Cart security & development for Memento Exclusives

Memento Exclusives initially approach ExtraDigital for CS-Cart security, maintenance and hosting, but quickly realised our experienced team had the winning formula to overhaul their collection of racing memorabilia, putting them in pole position for their avid fanbase.

PCI Compliance 

Memento approached ExtraDigital with a view to bringing their current site up-to-date to achieve PCI Compliance.

PCI compliance is a standard that requires businesses to handle credit card information in a secure way to protect the buyer. Security is paramount in reducing the likelihood that cardholders would have sensitive financial account information stolen.

An up-to-date site is crucial for security. Like most eCommerce platforms CS-Cart regularly release security updates, alongside other feature-based updates. Therefore, any sites that don’t routinely maintain can quickly become out of date.

Here ExtraDigital quickly stepped in, ensuring the site was up-to-date and that both the site and hosting solution adhered to the demand of PCI to achieve compliance and required security. 

Updating CS-Cart Themes

Alongside issues with security and software updates, CS-Cart themes have also come someway since Memento’s first incarnation on the platform. Ensuring your theme is up-to-date is crucial for usability and performance, as well as taking advantage of the latest best practices and enhancements. Therefore, on our recommendation, Memento instructed ExtraDigital to update their themes to the most recent versions.

This process was implemented quickly and efficiently, with no downtime experienced in the store. We worked alongside the team at Memento to tailor the new theme around their collection of racing and sporting memorabilia, implementing some of the newer features available in the theme that would benefit the customer’s experience of the site and route to purchase.

New CS-Cart Storefront for F1 Authentics

Memento Exclusives have been very pleased with the initial work undertaken by ExtraDigital.

They are now looking to create a dedicated shop to run alongside their F1 Authentics Auction site. They are looking to leverage the capabilities of CS-Cart and bring the eCommerce management back to a single platform. The new storefront will be dedicated to their collection of F1 memorabilia and tailored to the audience of F1 enthusiasts, offering them a unique buying experience of priceless F1 artefacts.

With the departure of F1 memorabilia from the Memento Exclusives site, this site will cater to the other sporting goods they offer.

The work is currently underway, and we look forward to releasing the F1 Authentics site for the hordes of avid F1 fans, looking to own a piece of racing history.

If like Memento, you’re struggling to get your CS-Cart store in gear, then ExtraDigital are the pit crew for you. Our developers are well versed in the CS-Cart platform and can help with all manner of legacy issues caused by running out-of-date CS-Cart software. Let us help improve your CS Cart security.

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