Web Design for Data Recovery


ExtraDigital were asked to design a new data recovery advice website with the aim of offering information and advice to visitors about data recovery issues and information about how to get help when they lose precious data from their computers or other digital devices.

Web Design

Our Approach

ExtraDigital researched into the recovery industry to find out who were the main players in the sector and carrying out extensive keyword research, to find out what the target audience searched for to base our content on.  We carried out full branding analysis, testing different colour combinations to see what would work with the target audience. ExtraDigital listed requirements for the site, including and FAQ’s section and a quick help in order for information to be readily available for users.


Recovery.co.uk is a professionally styled marketing website with an easy to navigate menu and an ideal number of information pages that offer key facts about guarding against and coping with data loss.

  • The site contains useful links to a wide range of leading UK data recovery companies that can help people when they experience data loss. The list contains industry leaders and is designed to connect people to those that can really help.
  • The site has a news module that can be regularly updated with the latest information about data recovery so that users can catch up on the latest’s practices. There is also an FAQs and a glossary section for people to find quick help and information about data loss.
  • The data recovery website was designed with SEO in mind and can easily be found online by people looking for help with data loss. It really is a great information repository for help with a wide range of data loss concerns.

To browse the new data recovery website visit www.recovery.co.uk and find easy to navigate information about a whole variety of data recovery issues that can help your business cope with devastating data loss. For more information about our website design services, get in touch with us today on 01227 68 68 98. 

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