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The Rise of TikTok

With over one billion active users on TikTok, the platform has become the go-to marketing tool for most brands. TikTok is great for showing a more personal side of your business whilst offering interactive videos that engage consumers, unlike lengthy posts that often get scrolled past on alternative social media platforms.

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

TikTok’s rise in popularity mostly sprung from their algorithm and the new idea of everyone having a personalised ‘FYP’ (for you page).


This system allows users to have a page filled with personalised content based on their interests and previous content they might have watched and engaged with.

Setting Marketing Objectives for TikTok

While TikTok’s algorithm does push content to users with similar interests, it’s crucial to craft a tailored marketing strategy to reach your target audience effectively. Firstly, what is your objective for using TikTok in your marketing?

Do you want to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or boost product sales? Identifying your objectives gives you more clarity and a measurable outcome, ensuring they align with your business goals.

Staying on brand

Ensuring your TikTok is on brand with other social platforms on which you may market your product or service is essential as this increases the chances of consumers recognising you and engaging with your content.

Know your audience!

TikTok has a wide range of users, with an average age between 18 and 34. Therefore, you must target your content to the right audience.

Researching your demographic and user behaviour on the platform will ensure your content aligns with your audience. Posting the correct content for your audience increases your relevance to the demographic and will encourage people to follow you and engage with your posts.  

Creating high-performing TikTok videos

High quality

Creating high-quality videos that portray your brand, ensuring they are useful, relevant, and clear in resolution, will increase user engagement. 49% of TikTok users have said they have purchased a product or service after seeing it featured on TikTok.

You also need to consider the type of content you produce, such as tutorials, general videos, or challenges.

Desired length of videos

When planning your marketing strategy on TikTok, consider the aim of your videos and their length.

The average optimal length of a TikTok video is 34 seconds.

However, the ‘correct’ video length does differ between industries. Knowing your industry's optimal length will allow you to create content your audiences love.

Top tip: It is key to include all the relevant information in the initial few seconds to grab people’s attention so they do not scroll past!

Engaging with Followers

When crafting your marketing strategy, you should consider how you will engage and interact with your followers.

Responding to comments, participating in duets, and collaborating with other TikTok creators will actively engage your audience and create a sense of community around your brand.


How to reach a wider audience on TikTok

TikTok ads

Allocating a percentage of your social media budget to TikTok ads enables precise targeting for a wider audience reach.

TikTok's viral potential further amplifies the reach of ads, while real-time analytics provide measurable results for optimising campaigns.

Additionally, flexible budget options make TikTok ads a cost-effective advertising solution for businesses of all sizes.

Influencer marketing

TikTok is also a great platform for influencer marketing; with the content feeling more authentic, it can be a more cost-effective way to market your products to your selected target audience.

Influencer partnerships can amplify your reach and credibility on the platform as people use influencers as a trusted source of information.

Check out the success story we saw working with TikTok influencers with one of our clients, RealD 3D.

Using hashtags

Keeping up to date with the latest hashtags and trends and participating in trending topics will increase your visibility and allow you to stay relevant in your industry.

Using relevant hashtags will also increase your content's discoverability; you may choose this strategy and incorporate trending hashtags into your posts when appropriate.

When planning your strategy, do some hashtag research to create a bank of hashtags for your posts.

Jumping on trends

When creating your TikTok marketing strategy, it is beneficial to use a mixture of content, from staple pieces to popular trends. TikTok trends move fast and can go viral quickly. Although primarily used by influencers, brands are now using them to develop new marketing campaigns that are fun, engaging, and effective.

TikTok trends are beneficial in marketing as they allow you to increase brand awareness and visibility, increase engagement, and maintain relevance in an ever-changing environment.

If you jump on a trend and your content goes viral, you will likely reach millions of people who begin to recognise your brand more easily and follow you for your product or service.

Monitoring your performance


TikTok analytics

If you have switched to a business account, you will gain access to TikTok analytics where you can monitor the performance of your content based on certain metrics.

Metrics to track include:

  • Video views
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Average watch time of videos

Monitoring these metrics lets you understand what content resonates with your audience and the optimal time to post your content. Looking into measurable metrics allows you to optimise future content accordingly.

Final thoughts…

TikTok has many marketing strategies, such as influencer marketing, hashtags and trends, or purely organic content.

However, the main strategy every company should use on TikTok is consistency. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule will keep your audience engaged and build a loyal following.

If you’d like help getting started with TikTok, talk to our social team today! We can curate a winning strategy to get your business viral in no time.

The ExtraDigital team creates exciting social campaigns – paid and organic -through our social media management services.

Friday 15th March 2024

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