Dinosaurs, Classification and Search

This week dinosaur lovers have the satisfaction of knowing that a Brontosaurus is its very own type (genus) of dinosaur, and no longer needs to be scientifically classified as an Apatosaurus.

Dinosaurs, Classification and Search

Brontosaurus are giant dinosaurs within the Diplodocus family and have long been popular in books and films about dinosaurs.  So whereas the general public would call them Brontosaurus’s, within scientific literature and study they were referenced as an Apatosaurus, a much less well known term.

This is demonstrated by the popular search terms for these dinosaurs. The pie chart below show search data from Google – there are twice as many searches for the popular dinosaur name as for the scientific dinosaur name.

 Dinosaur search terms

This pattern changes when more refinement is added to the search term. For example if the search includes the word ‘facts’ then the popularity of the scientific term increases beyond that of the popular name.

 Dinosaur fact search terms

When writing articles on the Internet in websites or blogs or social media, it is important to understand the language your target audience use, and if you want your article to be found very often then you need to use these words within your article.

The recent news about Brontosaurus will help reclassify the dinosaur. But when marketing products or services this does not always happen.  The skill of the digital marketer is to ensure the products and services are found in whatever category or classification they are placed. Detailed keyword research and analysis is done to see how real searches are done and this influences the copy and structure of the webpages.

If you want more information on Brontosaurus’s please read the Newsweek article.

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Wednesday 8th April 2015

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