PPC profits rise in summer sun

PPC is a good investment over the summer

As summer temperatures soar and many people head towards beaches and holiday destinations, some businesses close up shops as a result of the large decline in sales and revenue. However, others seemingly take advantage of the exodus from the market place. 

As a result of less competition, businesses can benefit from cheaper advertising and see higher returns from these paid marketing efforts. There are two strategies to implement in a period of less activity: 

1. Give up, go on holiday and reduce advertising / operational costs 

2. Take advantage of the lower competition and gain market positioning, improved account histories and get a head start on the competition.

Many of the accounts we manage have seen very good results from paid advertising in the last month as many countries approach the holiday season. As such, it is the perfect time to establish a market presence in all forms of online media. 

This month alone, we have seen a 31% increase on Facebook likes and a 45% increase in successfully attracting web visitors to our client's eCommerce sites. 

In competitive eCommerce areas, there are opportunities to decrease the cost of conversion and make more of your products viable via online advertising. For example, a 40% reduction in cost/conversion in a competitive eCommerce market can increase many times the numbers of products that can be advertised.

So whilst many businesses may be heading towards the beach, those determined and seeking to increase their business and grow will be investing in online marketing. This will progress nicely throughout the season attracting leads and sales to continue into the heaviest periods of commerce, Autumn and Winter.

ExtraDigital recommend all businesses consider online advertising over the summer holidays, and PPC advertising via AdWords, LinkedIn and Facebook should be very profitable.

Friday 19th July 2013

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