After two years and 115 days absence, is DMOZ back from the dead?

For those unaware of DMOZ, DMOZ is the open directory project. According to their website, it aims to be the largest and most comprehensive human edited directory of the web. DMOZ has been constructed and maintained by a global community of 98,286 volunteer editors. They currently have just over five million sites indexed in their directory, which compared to Google, who have 3.47 billion indexed pages, they progress has been slow and steady.

DMOZ was seen as the future in search engine by many in the late 90s and early 2000s. But due to the slow pace of links submitted being approved and edited, along with the vast growth in other search engines which are of a far superior quality, DMOZ has lost its relevance and need.

However, after two years and 115 days, life has appeared on the open directory project with a new blog titled ‘Why list an ugly site?’. Is this a new beginning for the site? Are they launching a new drive amongst its volunteer editors to get the open directory back on track? Or is all we will see for another 845 days?

Despite this, many webmasters dream of getting their site listed on DMOZ due to its high domain authority, even waiting months and years, but still failing to do so. DMOZ maintains that this is due to the strict requirements that it has in place to ensure that the content on the site is unique and the site is credible and of a high quality.

As the MOZ blog (previously known as SEO MOZ, not to be confused with DMOZ, entirely separate entities,) stated back in 2011, ‘Where is the Love DMOZ?’. It appears that the best way to get the value from the DMOZ listing is to link back to the category that your site is in/wants to be in.

For example, to make the DMOZ link to Readicut be beneficial, they need to link to the needlework category on DMOZ.

Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to DMOZ but the ‘bonus points’ you will receive for being on DMOZ will definitely boost your SEO.

Fingers crossed to all those trying to get their site on DMOZ, your time will come. Hopefully. 

By Katie Butcher

Monday 8th July 2013

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