Websites with Advertising: Maximising Revenue from AdSense

As advertising on the Internet grows, so does the ability of consumers to ignore these ads. Therfore advetisers need to be more clever in promoting adverts.

Google AdSense

Let AdSense work for you

For AdSense (unlike AdWords), Google is 100% on your side. What is good for Google is good for you. Their algorithms' will try to increase both their and your income, so don’t interfere. 

One of the best bits of advice is therefore 'do not interfere with the bidding too much'.

In fact in 2014 ExtraDigital compiled a "top ten" list of things not to to with AdSense.

But this does not mean you should not be putting effort into AdSense management. Firstly as new features are added you need to respond - maybe by turning them off. Secondly there are many other ways of increasing revenue. Some examples are given below:

Experiment with locations, sizes and positioning of ads

Google’s algorithms' cannot do this, so this is the area of optimisation you can really make a difference in.

Experiment with ad appearance

You have control over the appearance of text ads so use it. It will generally be worth making the text ads match your site content in terms of font, text colour and removing any border (or making the border colour match the background colour).

Measure on Analytics, then A/B test

The data you get on Analytics gives more insight into how your ads are performing so use it! Most useful data view is often the eCPM column in the AdSense Pages report.

Carefully plan changes and allow enough time to monitor the impact. Most changes will need at least one week to test especially as most traffic has some kind of weekly cycle.

Measure your audience

As your audience changes, this impacts the performance of different ads. So use the tools available to understand all the visitors to your website,

Work on your website content

To gain more income you need more visitors so you need better content marketing.

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Wednesday 14th January 2015

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