Most Popular eCommerce Platforms in UK 2023

Shopify is the most popular UK eCommerce platform in 2023

Data from the first half of 2023 shows that Shopify is winning the eCommerce race in the UK. Shopify market share is increasing, and within the UK, they now have over 25% of the market share. This is based on data provided by Builtwith.


Shopify is now a very good eCommerce platform. It can handle multiple stores and currencies as well as integrate with stock and order systems, payment systems and delivery systems. Although Shopify remains a good choice for startups, it is increasingly being used by very large online stores with thousands of products.

In fact, many eCommerce operations are migrating their stores from Magento to Shopify. Market share in Magento has fallen very dramatically.


The switch away from Magento is significant; a few years ago, Magento was the gold standard for large eCommerce, with Magento 2 promising a more secure platform that could integrate with anything. In reality, it has not lived up to expectations - and the core code remains bug-ridden and expensive to maintain.

Whilst Magento struggles under Adobe ownership, Shopify has been developing useful integrations with key 3rd parties such as payment providers and major stock systems such as Merlin. In 2023 it is often quicker to get a custom integration on Shopify than Magento - the complete opposite compared to 2-4 years ago.

This is why many businesses are migrating away from Magento to Shopify.

Other eCommerce Platforms


Woocommerce has a high market share - partly because WordPress is the most popular CMS - but this market share is not growing.

Squarespace and Wix

Many years ago, these companies produced terrible websites - but this has changed, and they are serious players in the SaaS e-commerce market. They are likely to overtake WooCommerce soon.

An advantage of using a SaaS ecommerce solution is most security issues are taken care of; you don’t have the high cost of ongoing security patching.

Opencart and Prestashop

These used to have higher market shares, but technology is older, and they are getting left behind.

So what is the future?

Shopify is the dominant player, and in the next few years, both Wix and Squarespace will provide healthy competition in the eCommerce space. 

The future for Magento is less certain, more so, as many businesses are switching to alternative suppliers.


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Tuesday 25th July 2023

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