Fast wordPress websites with LiveCanvas

ExtraDigital still recommend using LiveCanvas to build websites where the key focus is on website speed.

What is LiveCanvas?

LiveCanvas is a website module that allows very fast WordPress websites to be developed with ‘clean and lean’ code. This is done by removing built-in 'bloat' from WordPress, and saving efficient HTML code (rather than code with a lot of duplication).

We have been recommending LiveCanvas since early in 2023, where our focus was on fast website speed.

More recently, ExtraDigital has been researching a new feature within a competitor to LiveCanvas - a popular no-code editor called Elementor. Elementor released their ‘Flexbox Containers’ in May 2023, and these provide a better way for Elementor to create web pages, with much less ‘bloat’ than before.

Some say that Elementor gives more freedom to edit page content - and this is true, but LiveCanvas can also be set up to enable all parts of a page to be edited.

What do we think?

ExtraDigital has compared these two website modules, and our recommendation for the fastest new websites remains using LiveCanvas.

This is an update of an earlier article called “LiveCanvas for fast websites

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Thursday 17th August 2023

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