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The design, development and the associated marketing of an Arabic website requires a specialist skillset and extensive experience. 

ExtraDigital has been working with Arabic websites for a wide range of reputable clients for over a decade. 

Why ExtraDigital?

Apart from the exceptional design and development of Arabic websites, ExtraDigital also offers a complete range of digital marketing services and strategies including SEOPPC and Social Media, all in Arabic.

Arabic Website - The British Museum

As a multilingual digital marketing agency, we particularly specialise in the Arabic language. Our team of Arabic speaking account managers, marketers, designers and developers have worked hand in hand to acquire world-renowned clientele and produced a proud portfolio of Arabic websites and other multilingual sites. 

Arabic Website Considerations

There are many factors to consider when producing an Arabic website. The first and the most obvious factor is the Arabic language itself. Given the nature of the language and that it is written from right to left, opposingly to English, sites must support this feature faultlessly.

Creating an Arabic website is hence not a matter of translation but also requires attention to the websites wireframes, menu design, and other technical aspects which allow the site to be highly responsive and suitable for an Arabic audience.

Arabic website - Quilliam Foundation

In terms of marketing, an understanding of the Arabic language as well as the Arab audience is key for enhancing an Arabic website. Methods and behaviours of internet search of Arab audiences differ widely from those of western audiences. Researching and understanding these differences is vital when performing SEO, PPC and social media marketing.

Additional cultural factors also need to be considered in order to ensure that the final website design is suitable for the intended Arabic audience in terms of imagery, copywriting and the general look and feel.

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