Social Media Event Coverage

Live Event Coverage

Some of the most significant events happen outside of business hours. Does this mean you shouldn’t be covering it on your social media?

Not at all! If you have a high-profile or important essential event, you should be broadcasting it live on all your social accounts, in addition to promoting it on social media before the event.

Why broadcast live?

  • Engage your audience in real-time with unique, never before seen content
  • Respond and connect with your audiences directly and immediately
  • Create excitement around the product or service release
  • Cost-effective video strategy
  • Increase awareness around community events
  • Drive more traffic to your Facebook page
  • See real-time engagement and keep it
  • Generate content to use in future communication plans

We like to go the extra mile for our clients

At ExtraDigital, our team of experienced social media masters will curate a tailored event plan, to ensure your event goes off with a bang, and your social audiences can hear the noise.

We will plan content weeks ahead of the event to help create awareness and a buzz around the event. Closer to the event the FOMO, (fear of missing out), aspect will be turned up a notch as we look to make sure people are active on Social Media, engaging and participating with your content during the event.

During the event, we'll use a variety of techniques to ensure your social audiences feel part of the story and are kept wanting more with up to the minute content. We'll implement types of content that encourage user participation using features on the popular social media platforms and take advantage of UGC (User Generated Content) with trending event hashtags.

After the dust has settled, we'll nurture your audience with highlights and sneak peeks of the event to ensure your audience remains part of the story and has an appetite for further content from your business.

Live events coverage on Social Media

The service and support we have received from ExtraDigital is second to none, and we look forward to our partnership continuing and developing over the coming year.

Lily Freed,
UK Marketing Executive

Real-time Services

  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • Tweeting
  • Story takeovers
  • Interviews
  • Content generation
  • Building user-generated content with hashtags
  • Engaging in conversations

Our Experience

Our team of highly experienced social media masters are adept at managing multiple platforms and knowing the right type of content to post, and when to post it. Utilising trending features and distributing content that will engage the audiences on each platform is key to success on Social.

Have an event coming up? In the past, we have covered:

  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Film Premieres
  • Product Launches
  • Networking Events
  • Industry Expo's
  • Gala Dinners
  • and many more...

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