How much should SEO cost?

That's, not an easy question to answer and I'll explain why. It seems everyone is offering SEO these days, but do they all offer the same level of service and what type of SEO is best for your business?

Optimising for Search Engines and People

When looking at SEO services on offer you need to go deeper than the just the price, you want to look at:

  • What work/tasks should I expect each month for my investment
  • What results should I expect and when
  • How will the SEO work with my objectives and other marketing

So whether your investing a few hundred or several thousand each month you should expect the following from your SEO agency:

  • Regular monthly on-site and off-site SEO work
  • Regular improvement in both SEO traffic and conversions from SEO
  • A tailored strategy that matches your business objectives and works with your other marketing efforts

How Much Should I Invest

Of course the more you invest the more resources can be given to your SEO and often the faster results can be achieved, however, you need to be sensible.

Ideally, your investment in SEO should pay for itself and more with increased leads and sales, but depending on how well your website already supports SEO this might take a little time to establish.

Set a budget for SEO that:

  • You can afford based on your current business revenue
    (you can increase investment as this improve)
  • Can be sustained on an ongoing basis
    (SEO needs regular effort)
  • Allows you to go to a good agency with an excellent track record

Selecting a Good SEO Agency

Not everyone offering SEO will be right for your business and some may actually cause harm online. Go too cheap and you won't get a quality service and this is one of the reasons you might hear people say SEO is a waste of money.

When selecting an SEO agency ask:

  • What will I get for my investment each month
  • When will I see results and what should I expect
  • What are the main SEO issues with my website
  • Can I see examples of your work for other clients

Why choose ExtraDigital as your SEO Agency?

At ExtraDigital we have a great reputation for SEO, with happy clients who have used our services for many years. We have not had a Google penalty and been able to maintain strong ranking positions year on year.

We focus on our client's goals and are very successful in growing leads and sales through SEO.

We actively train all our staff in SEO (marketers, designers and developers) and work hard to keep not only up-to-date with SEO methods, but also at the forefront of the industry with innovate solutions.

For more information including an SEO review call us on +44(0)1227 68 68 98 or complete our contact form today.

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