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Our SEO consultancy services can assess your website for search marketing opportunities and help you to make the code and content level changes needed to improve the site for visitors and search engines in order to grow your online visibility and bring in more relevant traffic.

What SEO Involves

What SEO Involves

Natural, non-paid search or search engine optimisation (SEO) involves creating a properly marked up website that gives clear information for both users and search engines.

It also entails improving the website code along with the website content. This is in order to help the website appear nearer the top of the search engine listings for relevant keywords.

Alongside this 'off-page' work is conducted to help promote your website by indicating to search engines that it is of importance.

SEO consultancy offers enormous benefits by ensuring that your website is

  • Properly coded, fast loading and error-free for easy search engine crawling
  • Optimised for your principle search terms at the code and content level
  • Full of top-quality content that will convert visitors into paying customers and clients

SEO Consultancy Example Results

SEO Consultancy Example Results

  • 54% more website visitors year on year
  • 41% revenue increase year on year for consumer goods
  • 10% revenue increase year on year for highly competitive markets
  • 63% rise in traffic from natural search results
  • 57% increase in the number of visitors year on year

The type of SEO consultancy we offer considers all angles of your natural search marketing and puts the focus squarely on growing the revenue or lead generation for your business rather than simply piling visitor traffic onto your website which does not convert into more customers.

To this end, we put the focus squarely on website quality rather than more primitive search marketing techniques like link farming, and ensure that the growth your site experiences is sustainable over time by avoiding the “black hat” tricks and shortcuts used by many agencies which cause severe damage to your website – and your bottom line – in the medium to long term.

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